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for tolerance

The Holocaust didn’t start in Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen. It started with intolerance, was followed by acts of exclusion, discrimination and persecution - culminating in the murder of millions.

Unfortunately, manifestations of antisemitism and other forms of discrimination are still impacting lives – for Jews and countless people regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, culture, gender etc.

The Anne Frank House believes that education is a powerful tool to counter prejudice and discrimination.

The project "The Bookcase for Tolerance" aims to achieve that by sharing Anne Frank’s story and modern-day, authentic, personal stories and struggles. Though it’s crucial that we never draw direct comparisons between Anne’s and our protagonists’ stories.

Our goal is to use the power of personal testimonials to educate people, in order to influence their attitude and their behaviour towards those considered to be ‘different’ - so we can all live in a more tolerant world.
A world without discrimination.


Immersing in the
protagonists’ worlds

In The Bookcase for Tolerance AR app, we invite our audience to discover the rooms of 5 protagonists and get familiar with some of their personal objects, including the meaning behind them.

The app was developed by Media.Monks using photogrammetry, a spatial scanning technique based on photographic images that allows capturing a 3D representation of places, objects and people.

It’s how the rooms of these 5 protagonists – Anne, Majd, Kuei, Dalit, and Mees – came to life in the virtual world, after being carefully modelled and rendered in 3D.



four personal




Kuei was born in the Netherlands, where her parents migrated to from South Sudan. She likes to draw, paint, and write, aiming to pursue a career in media – so she can raise awareness of the ongoing fight against racism and become an agent of change.

Inspired by activists like Martin Luther King and Malcom X, she believes racism is far from gone and needs to be addressed as the systemic issue it is.

Room 3


Mees is a Dutch transgender and non-binary young person. Although he grew up trying to conform to what society expects to be “normal’, he decided to come to terms with his identity and help others question social expectation patterns.

He believes that telling his story is the right tool to fight fear and discrimination. He’s also a musician, having published “Bloei” (“Bloom”) – a songs that reflects on these issues and his own journey.



Majd is a Syrian refugee living in the Netherlands since 2015, after escaping the horrors of war in Aleppo. He admits he understands some of the criticism towards this minority – although he feels responsible to change these perceptions.  

He speaks publicly about his story to stop the fear spread by the media, but also so that people can put a face to the issue and recognize the value refugees bring to the countries that welcome them.



Dalit is a Jewish feminist and illustrator living in Rotterdam. She uses her art as a form of activism – to amplify the voice of a minority that still faces countless attacks, like the countless hateful conspiracy theories targeting Jews.

Her goal is to make people think, even if it implies some sort of discomfort caused by her work. She chose to stand up for who she is, or as she puts it, “I’m here and I’m Jewish”.


standing for




Innocean Berlin is a young advertising agency born with the sole purpose to propel its clients’ values, products, and services through the power of outstanding creativity.

"We feel honoured to collaborate with so many talented partners and, together with the Anne Frank House, develop an innovative tool to help counter this social plague called intolerance. To quote Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father: 'We cannot change what happened anymore. The only thing we can do is to learn from the past and to realize what discrimination and persecution of innocent people means. I believe that it's everyone's responsibility to fight prejudice.'"

Ricardo Wolff · Executive Creative Director, Innocean Berlin


AR App

Media.Monks is a global creative and production company that partners with clients across industries and markets to craft amazing work for leading businesses and brands.

“Bookcase for Tolerance is a great use case of immersive storytelling through AR. To be able to literally walk into the secret annex and get a glimpse of Anne's life is a moving experience, until now only possible at the Anne Frank House Museum. In this context, the narrative leads us through the stories of modern young people facing intolerance; using special cameras, we scanned their rooms to generate 3D photos -a technique called photogrammetry- that users can explore in a 1:1, true-to-life examination of their experiences. The team at Media.Monks has been specially invested in crating this experience, where our love for tech and interaction helps spreading a very important message.”

Patricio Berríos Lobos ·  Creative Director XR, Media.Monks




MassiveMusic delivers everything a brand needs in the field of music, voice and sound. Impactful strategies, sonic brand identities and best-in-class compositions – the agency creates this and much more thanks to its fervent passion for music combined with craftsmanship and scientific research. The ultimate goal? To make the world sound better, while helping brands and agencies be more effective through the emotional power of sound.

The story of Anne Frank has received various musical interpretations throughout pop culture. In writing the score for her film we sought to meaningfully and respectfully connect with Anne as a person by looking at the music she listened to while hiding in the annex. A section in her diary told us, Anne was captivated by composer and pianist Franz Liszt. The beginning motif of Liszt’s 'Consolation no 3' was the starting point, from which our composer Tip van den Bos re-imaged a contemporary neoclassical piece, that oscillates between bittersweet melancholy and hope, and that we felt captured the emotional essence of her story as much as connecting past and present.”

Shai Hirschson · Creative Managing Director, MassiveMusic Berlin



HAGENS is an award winning PR agency from Amsterdam. They develop PR-driven campaigns and advise brands on how to position themselves in and with media. Always from a human perspective. Human first PR that does good and feels good. They do this for the creative and cultural industry, from start-ups to established brands.

"We must raise our children in the knowledge that racism and intolerance are unacceptable. Even if we have to go that extra mile over and over again. The Bookcase for Tolerance is of such great social importance and relevance it is obligatory to give our very best. As a communication agency we thrive on great stories, but in this case the stories can actually change and even save lives. HAGENS has always been committed to diversity and inclusivity, and a campaign like this actually contributes to a better world. We are absolutely honoured to contribute to The Bookcase for Tolerance."

Sarah Hagens · Founder of HAGENS




Johan was one of the founders of well-known Amsterdam agency KesselsKramer and since 15 years a full time film maker for documentaries, shorts and commercials.

He loves analog film and brought a few of his antique cameras and old filmstock to film the teaser in the Anne Frank House.

“It was a very special experience to spend one day filming this legendary bookcase and I hope many young people in the world will check this app”.




Amsterdam based director Ted Alkemade (1990) strongly focusses on making films with a human approach. Ted believes, only the best performances awaken when the director is in the ability to create a relationship of trust. A place where personality comes before technology.

"Personal stories move the world around. That’s why I’m honoured to have been able to give a face to stories that sadly enough aren't being listened to enough. This campaign stands out, because it puts modern intolerance that people experience today in perspective with our history. And once people know more, they are less likely to be intolerant."



All still

Yvette de Wit is a Dutch photographer. Her background is in advertising working as an art director for agencies like BBH and DDB. Now she focuses on photography and making art in her creative studio in a church in Rotterdam.

"I'm honoured to be a part of this meaningful and intimate project with such a creative and skilled team. Seeing the beautiful end results I believe this project can truly make a difference."




Sven is a director, DoP, photographer and a storyteller. His anecdotes are inspired by the world around him. His body of work is characterized by a rhythmic, soft and dreamy aesthetic. Sven’s charming approach allows him to work with children, adults, animals and everything in between. Whether filming for VW or Paypal, he always knows how to pull at your heartstrings. His work is sought after brands such as Caritas, Hyundai, Ford, Pedigree, Das Handwerk and Bosch, just to name a few. Sven’s work has been recognized at Cannes Lions, ADC Deutschland, D&AD, New York festivals, Epica and Eurobest. Based in Berlin where he has immersed himself in the city’s famed creative scene.

"Projects like these are so important! Especially in this day and age! It is so nice to be a part of this project. There should be many more of them. This terrible time must never be forgotten!!!!"

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